Woori Korindo Securities

Woori Korindo Securities

“A fast-growing securities firm with strong regional support, Woori Koorindo Securities Indonesia is a trustworthy and reliable partner for your financial future.”

PT. Woori Korindo Securities Indonesia (WKSI) has quickly emerged to become one of the most respectable securities company in Indonesia when a leading Korean based investment company, Woori Investment Securities (WIS), took over 80% stake of Clemont Finance, a financial unit of Indonesia’s conglomerate Korindo Group. As a joint venture securities, WKSI prides on its core value of “partnering for your financial future”, and dedicates all of its energy at foreign &domestic capital market.

Before the acquisition, PT Clemont Securities Indonesia was a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Korindo Group, a fully diversified company with major interests in forestry, palm oil plantations, insurance, chemical production, logistics and maritime transport, and investment & securities.

Since its formation, WKSI has demonstrated remarkable performance. Drawing on its strong holding company regional network and Indonesian values, WKSI has created solid products and services that meet with the customers’ investing needs.

As such, WKSI is able to combine a global outlook and standard with a strong domestic presence, enabling us to offer you the best of both worlds.